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Sump Pump Installation and Sump Pump Repair

Sump Pump Installation and Systems

If you’ve channeled all groundwater that used to leak in from around the perimeter of your basement, you need to direct it to one spot and have some way of getting it out of your basement or crawl space. You can either have a pipe that water flows through by gravity (downhill) to daylight or use a sump pump to pump it up and out to a place designed to handle the flow.

Sump pump installation is your best option

99.9% of the time, sump pump installation is your best option. Despite any stories you have heard over the years about folks getting flooded because their sump pump was on the blink again, today’s sump equipment is better than ever and very reliable – unless you cheap out and just buy a basic pump-in-a-hole. Then you’ll be telling a tale of woe about your pump failing, causing your basement to flood one day. The “pay me now” or “pay me later” holds true.

Sump Pump Installation

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Single, battery backup and triple protection pumps keep your basement dry ALL THE TIME. We use some of the world’s best sump pumps available today. Please get in touch with All Seasons Waterproofing to schedule a FREE Consultation and receive a written job cost repair estimate; email or call us today.